MSDS, technical Rules, CoA and tests of conformity are available by request.

For All Your Complicated Needs

EVERTS AG offers high-quality rubber printing inks for a variety of applications, including silkscreen printing on latex balloons, overprinting, and printing on rubber articles like bathing caps, v-belts, and latex clothing. Our inks are available in convenient 1kg and 10kg pails, and there is no minimum required quantity.

Fluorescent print on balloons 2

Our rubber printing inks are specially formulated to deliver exceptional results, with features such as:

  • High coverage for vibrant and long-lasting prints
  • Economical usage for cost-effective printing
  • High viscosity for easy handling and smooth application
  • Compatibility with all current silkscreen printing machines for latex balloons
  • We guarantee 2-year durability for printing use
  • PAH-free, Nitrosamine-free, Phthalate-free, and low in odour, ensuring safe use
  • High dilutability for versatile application
  • Compliant with the EN 71-3 safety standards
  • High abrasion resistance for durable prints
  • Extremely elastic for enhanced print quality
  • 100% Made in Germany

For additional technical information on our rubber printing inks, we offer certificates of analysis conducted by our in-house quality assurance. Our analysis includes tests for viscosity, solid content, liquid content, and density. Additionally, we partner with a certified laboratory in Germany to conduct tests for salvia and sweat resistance, PAH, Phthalates, Nitrosamines, and migration of certain elements. Contact us today to learn more about our high-quality rubber printing inks.

Quality Assurance measuring Temperature, density and Viscosity of rubebr printing inks for balloons
Our Expertise in Balloon Printing.

High-Quality Rubber Inks for All Your Needs!